Updated: 17-11-99

Installation Preview
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Untitled trash technology installation by Redundant Technology Initiative for the exhibition "NET_CONDITION" at the Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medietechnologie in Karlsruhe, 1999. The installation was constructed by James Wallbank and Lisa Kaige, using trash technology supplied by Siemens Nixdorf. Thank you, Siemens!

Here are pictures of the trash technology before it was converted into art, plus previews of the exhibition space. This was all the information we had in order to develop the artwork before the show.

 trash1.jpg      29 Kb    Wed Sep 15 15:31:28 1999 JPEG Image
 trash2.jpg      14 Kb    Wed Sep 15 15:32:50 1999 JPEG Image
 trash3.jpg      30 Kb    Wed Sep 15 15:32:11 1999 JPEG Image
   zkm1.jpg      10 Kb    Wed Sep 15 15:21:42 1999 JPEG Image
   zkm2.jpg       9 Kb    Wed Sep 15 15:27:04 1999 JPEG Image
   zkm3.jpg      10 Kb    Wed Sep 15 15:28:16 1999 JPEG Image
   zkm4.jpg      11 Kb    Wed Sep 15 15:30:14 1999 JPEG Image

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