As part of the WORLD-INFORMATION.ORG project, artist and Redundant Technology Initiative representative James Wallbank presents "Kicking the Upgrade Habit (Surviving on the internet for less than $2 a day)", an exposition of the lowtech approach to technology: can't pay, won't pay! This presentation gives a context for his dialogue tour of the WORLD-INFORMATION.ORG exhibition on 10th December 2000.

Kicking the Upgrade Habit

  1. Potential utility of a computer system
  2. The effect of learning on computer utility
  3. The price reduction of new computers
  4. Minimum required specification for new software
  5. The effect of software upgrades
  6. Specificaton of zero-cost computers
  7. The industry is here to help...

Notes and Disclaimer! These diagrams shouldn't be taken as mathematically accurate representations, but simply as illustrations to aid an understanding of the economic and technological forces which are shaping current access to low cost information technology. As you'll see from the illustrations, the territory for lowtech exploration is getting broader and broader, and we at Redundant Technology Initiative positively encourage you to get involved.