Updated: 12/10/00

Networked Lowtech Video Wall
Live Test at TECH_NICKS
10th-13th June 2000

Click these pictures to check out the live test of the Networked Lowtech Video Wall at TECH_NICKS. The event gave visitors to The Lux Gallery the chance to talk with increasingly frustrated Redundant Technologists Ian Richardson and James Wallbank. Thanks to the Unix hackers who really helped us out just at the moment we managed to delete crucial data from our server!

The lift didn't work

All this debris...

From one Transit

Forgot the ratchet...

More monitors...

Use the hammer!

Aargh! Recursion!

3 days of work...

Finally pay off.


The guts of the beast

Best at night
Click through Best at night to see closeups of the final piece - and read more about it in our Ijmuiden page. What we haven't reported here are the expletives prompted by a power failure when we had 35 out of 36 display machine running. The power cut took eight client machines out , but in fact it was just the server's routing table that had been corrupted. So, after 3 days of very, very intensive work we had the thing running so we left it active in the Lux Gallery for the rest of the week. Our reaction to finding out about a second power cut at the end of the week are quite unprintable. Come on, Lux people, get your power sorted - one twenty amp ring for an audio-visual showspace is not enough!

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