This rough, Hockney style composite image gives an overview of the piece.

In March 2003 Redundant Technology Initiative were invited to make an exhibit at the Centre for Curatorial Studies:part of Bard College, in Annandale on Hudson, in New York State. The exhibit was part of an exhibition entitled TechnoSkeptic organised by graduate student Amaya de Miguel Sanz.

During the trip James Wallbank gave a presentation, spreading the Trash-Tech word to students at the college. In this website you can see pictures of the preparations and the opening and a composite image of the completed piece, which was a new installation made with trash technology gathered .from the local area.

Redundant Technologists involved in the creeation of this piece included James Wallbank and Lisa Kaige, who built the installation, and Tony Goddard and Duncan Hughes, who worked on bootable floppy disk ascii animation software to make the piece possible. Thanks should also go to the creators of the fantastic software Hasciicam. We couldn't get version 0.9 to compile, but 0.8 did the business creating smooth text animations for the screens. Thanks also go to Chris and Albert at the gallery for helping install the piece, and to Marcie, Amaya and everyone else at CCS who helped make the. piece possible.

Before the show, Bard College emailed numerous IRS forms to us as MS Word attachments. The printed images in the piece were derived from the interaction of this proprietary data format with our open-source print drivers. The artists would like to thank Bard College Recycling Center, Vassar College and Dutchess Community College for donating their trash ICT to the project.